The Proposers is an International Romantic Event Planning company based in London, with offices in Paris, Greece and Dubai.

With a 100% YES success rate, is it any wonder that The Proposers have planned over 3000 marriage proposals across the globe. From Iceland to Santorini, and New York to Nigeria.

The reason for The Proposers success comes down to their unique approach to create specialised events that are completely tailored to the couple’s relationship.

Since the business launched in 2012, Daisy and her team have won entrepreneurial, inspirational and creativity awards, and their own TV show on Sky named The Proposers.

Broadcast in 12 countries, the series followed Daisy and her team as they planned once-in-a-lifetime moments for clients all over the world.

Daisy’s passion for training others started when being invited to the TV show ‘Dragon’s Den’ to coach their protégés into the wonderful world of events.

Today, Daisy and her team regularly appear on radio and television. They are widely quoted in the UK and international press, and have become the BBC’s and Sky News’s experts of choice when it comes to all things romance. Daisy is a sought-after speaker at leading industry events and conferences worldwide where she talks about how she built a new industry from scratch.

Daisy has since launched Daisy Amodio Events after planning the UK’s most expensive weddings amongst many others, and has designed romantic events for many distinguished clients including royalty, actors and sports stars.

Daisy and her team are now known worldwide for their inspirational work curating some of the world’s highest-profile, big-budget occasions.

From date nights and proposals, to multi-million-pound weddings, baby showers and more, when it comes to life’s celebrations


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