How to be creative

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Creativity is in all of us even if you don’t believe you have any. You may not consider creativity to be in your top three strengths but you still have plenty of it.

We all have days where the creative part of our brains is struggling to engage but there’s always a way to get it flowing. 

- Picnic proposal in Santorini on the beach with bohemian decoration by The Proposers.

For example: A client is looking for a bespoke proposal that’s beautiful and personal. You will ask them questions about their relationship in order to gain a better understanding of who they are. Once they have given you some insight, take some time to sit down and write down any thoughts that come to your mind. 

You may have one hundred, you may have five. This is a great start because even if you don’t love any of them, this is a starting point to get your mind going.

Step away from your notepad and do something physical, a quick five minute walk in some fresh air, maybe a stretch, or even make a coffee. Sometimes staring at the space you are working in can block your creative juices. Movement can help sharpen our mental clarity.

You could keep a notepad next to your bed. When we sleep at night our imagination is endless but the majority of the time, we wake up the next morning and forget all about it. If you wake up from a dream and it was creative or inspiring, write down some key words to jog your memory the following day. Journaling in the morning or evening to clear your mind of other thoughts in order to make space for the creative ones. Perhaps you’re a shower-thinker, many of us are! Jot down your ideas as soon as you jump out. 

Too much screen time isn’t good for any of us, but there are so many platforms out there that are designed to inspire you. Pinterest is a great place to seek inspiration, you can create so many moodboards and refer back to them when you need a creative boost. 

Another great way to get creative is to try something new, maybe it’s a new recipe, or a new order at your local coffee shop. Try a new skill, perhaps try painting, drawing or a puzzle. Something that unlocks a new thought in your brain can bring creativity to your thoughts.

If you need to bounce ideas off somebody then this is fine, we all think about things differently and whilst you might struggle one day, they might be having a great day. Sometimes speaking things through with somebody will help you to clearly see your thoughts and ideas or maybe they will have great points to add to yours. 

Most importantly, don’t get stressed when lacking creativity. It comes and goes in waves and the client will love your ideas, afterall- they have come to you because they can’t think of one!

- ‘Marry Me’ proposal in the Shangri-La London in The Shard by The Proposers. Red rose petals, large ‘Marry Me’ sign and red balloons filling the ceiling.

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