What is a Proposal Planner?

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Planning a proposal can take so much time, and it can be hard to know exactly where to start. Where do you have it? What's the best time to do it? Will their partner like it? What if it rains or something goes wrong? These are just a few of the questions to prepare yourself for when planning your clients proposal.

The Proposers are the UK and Europe's leading proposal planners, they are the proposal company who have planned over 4,000 proposals in every country imaginable, they know how tough it can be.

So what is a proposal planner, and do people actually need one? 

What Is A Proposal Planner

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What Is A Proposal Planner?

To put it simply, a proposal planner helps to take all of the stress out of planning a proposal.

Just like a wedding planner does for weddings, they manage the entire process of a proposal (or as much as you want). Everything from where a proposal may take place, to decorating the venue, right through to where a couple celebrate after.

The Proposers have relationships with the best suppliers and locations so that the client can get the very best people at the best possible price, and without having to worry about finding anyone. Whether that's personalised props to decorate the space, a photographer to capture the special moment, or one of the many beautiful locations around the world to propose at. They manage everything so that all the client has to do is pop the question. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you know what a proposal planner does, here are some frequently asked questions that people looking to propose often ask…

What Is A Proposal Planner

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Will my girlfriend or boyfriend care if I use a proposal planner?

Not at all. They still have to do some of the work! The client always has to give an insight into their relationship and then it’s personalised and a better experience. At The Proposers, we ask questions that will bring out a few creative answers to get the client thinking. We recommend that all proposal planners do some digging to make it as special as possible.

Sometimes they need a little help.. there's nothing wrong with that! We always tell our clients that all that all their partner will care about is how special you've made it for them and that they will appreciate the amount of effort you went to, to make their proposal so amazing for them.

How does proposal planning work?

At The Proposers we book in a slot that works for the client to discuss all things proposal! 

Once they’ve had an initial chat about what the client is looking for, they send a brief outline of ideas and the client can decide if they want to go ahead. As soon as the client is set on the idea of their proposal, they manage everything. As proposal planners, you are here to make sure everything is organised and goes to plan from as soon as your client gets in touch until they have said yes.

Enquire - Plan - Arrange - Execute.

How much does a proposal planner cost?

It varies from country to country, you want to do your research in your local area to ensure that you have got the right figures but here at the Romantic Event Academy, we recommend you aim to take home $500. This is a good target when starting your own business.

At The Proposers, the packages start from £500 and range from anywhere to over £1 million.

The average proposal at one of their most popular proposal spots is normally around £2,000, which will normally get you a personalised decorated space at an iconic landmark with a view.

How far in advance will people book a proposal planner?

As with anything, the more notice a client can give the better. The ideal time is around 2-3 weeks before the proposal, to ensure that you have enough time to coordinate everything, but sometimes it can be anywhere up to 24 hours before. You never want to recommend this, the more time you have, the more personalised you can make the proposal and the best deals you can get with suppliers and venues. Especially at busier times of the year like Christmas, you want your clients to get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment on venues and finer details.

Will the client mind if their partner has used a proposal planner?

99% of proposals are surprises and the majority of the clients who propose are men. People live busy lives and coming up with great proposal ideas can be hard. The clients are always happy that the moment has come and rather than asking for friends help, they come to you. This sometimes means dressing up as waiters, or creating fake tickets on the night, but you will want to do everything that's possible to make sure that its a great surprise! At The Proposers, they have never had any problems once the partner knows it was done through the proposal company. 

What will you do on the day of the proposal?

On the day of the proposal, a proposal planner does everything from bringing the props, to coordinating with the photographer, to decorating and setting up the entire room. They make sure that all the client has to do is rehearse a speech, bring their partner in and get down on one knee.

How many proposals will I plan?

The Proposers have planned over 4,000 proposals with a 100% YES rate all around the world. This has taken many years of dedication, hard work and a growing team. You may start off by planning 1-2 a month, just make sure you can manage your workload. With time you will figure out a business strategy that works for you and you will have a better understanding of your audiences’ budget in your location. 

Where should you plan proposals?

The Proposers are based in London, so they know all there is to know about proposing in London, but they plan proposals all around the globe. Start by planning proposals that are local to you, find your best local spots and then with time you will expand your locations. 

Do you meet the client beforehand?

It’s entirely up to you. Most of the proposals done by The Proposers are planned remotely, over the phone, or via email or message. They’ve even planned hundreds of proposals while being in different countries from the couple.

You have to figure out what works for you. If the client lives nearby and what’s to see the location beforehand then its a good idea to meet, but not all clients require this. Once you get an understanding of your client you will know if its necessary to meet. 

What Is A Proposal Planner

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